Main topics of the Conference

  • T1. Safety and reliability of systems and engineering objects, system availability, (non)damageability and maintainability of engineering objects, software reliability, structural reliability.
  • T2. Methods of risk and safety analyses, hazard and risk assessment and prediction, uncertainty and sensibility analyses in safety and reliability modelling.
  • T3. Human factors in safety and reliability, psychology and sociology in safety and reliability analyses.
  • T4. Expert and other methods, reliability and safety optimisation, quality management system.
  • T5. Rules, regulations and standards in the fields of safety and reliability, safety and reliability management, data bases.
  • T6. Predictions about and counteractions to extreme natural and engineering hazards, pollution expansion modelling, systems to counteract flood hazards/disasters, accident investigation methods, issues of risk in insurance.
  • T7. Safety and reliability in land and sea transport.
  • T8. Safety and reliability in air transport.

The topics of the Conference cover many and various ranges of applications, just to mention aviation and aerospace, government and municipal administration, education and training, power industry, information and communication, chemical engineering, civil engineering, environmental protection, food industry, rescue/life-saving work, agriculture, transport , insurance.


Conference Secretariat

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Thursday the 18th. ITWL 2015, Paweł Materac i Mirosław Zieja
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